The second scan

In my new outfit I’m sitting in the car next to Denny. It’s really lucky that we can do this together, since it’s weekend! I’m as happy as a child, because I think I look great! This morning I had to inject the Cetrotide again (to slow ovulation), and it went well, but it’s not as easy to inject yourself when you’ve just woken up!

I am nervous, because I have no more ovulation pain. The whole time I’m thinking I’ve already ovulated, and Denny keeps saying that the feeling could be different or gone, because of the medication. When we arrive in Groningen and get out of the car, I suddenly feel it again! Yay! The nerves are immediately gone!

The hospital looks deserted again, and we walk past the strange statue in the hall for the umpteenth time. We’ve talked about taking a selfie here a few times, but we can do it later. Everything is running perfectly on time, and when I lie down – with the same doctor again, which is wonderful – I say that I hope that ‘my egg’ is still there. She first looks on the right (the wrong side), and even she gets a fright (and so do I), but then she looks left, and there it is! And even better – the follicle is big enough to make an appointment for the extraction! That’s quick!

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Later today I’ll be called and told what time I need to inject the Pregnyl (the ‘moeders voor moeders’ hormone: This hormone makes you ovulate. In theory ovulation happens 40 hours after injecting, and so after 34 hours they do the extraction. Without this hormone it’s impossible to puncture the follicle, because it also helps to soften the outside of the follicle. Now that little egg just needs to stay where it is for the next 34 hours…

The doctor says it’s very busy, but I will be called before 16:00. At 15:00 I’m nervous, of course, but a little while later my phone rings.

The instructions are clear:
– at 22:30 tonight, inject the Pregnyl.
– Tuesday at 8:30 the extraction will happen (it’s now Sunday)
– Nil by mouth for 3 hours before the extraction.

And of course, hope and pray that the little egg stays where it is!

Injecting the Pregnyl is very painful! Denny has to inject the liquid into my belly, because I can’t do it, but we did it!

Now we just wait until Tuesday….


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