My egg

On Monday I can feel the ‘pain’ of my follicle all day, and it comforts me, but the day creeps by! I’m so afraid the pain will go away, and my egg will go with it…

In the evening at 20:30 I tell Denny: 12 more hours…. And I speak sternly to my egg: stay there for 12 more hours! When I go to bed at 22:00 I can’t sleep. I’m just calculating the hours in my head, and I’m so worried the pain will be gone when I wake up. I wake up at least 20 times, and every time I turn onto my left side to see if I can still feel it. Every time I check what time it is, so I can say: ovulation happened at …… so next time we need to inject at ……, but every time I still feel the pain. At 5:30am my alarm clock goes off, and I can still feel the pain… and it comforts me.

I eat breakfast and make sure I’m completely ready to go. At 7am we leave the house. We leave a little earlier this time, because Tuesday morning should be busier on the road. And we’re right! We land up in a traffic jam, and all I can think is ‘stay, egg, stay!’

At 8:25 we arrive at the UMCG and we’re in the waiting room just on time. I can still feel the pain – yay!! Slowly I’m starting to get nervous about the extraction. I was so worried about whether it would even be possible to do it, that I haven’t even thought about the actual procedure. Before I have too much time to think about it, our names are called. The doctor and the assistant are once again so kind!

First they check whether the egg is still there, and yes! It’s clear. 🙂 Then everything is prepared for the extraction. This is more serious that I thought, including green operation sheets and all. I’m now quite nervous. Above my head is a photo with lots of cats on it. I look at that – that’ll be why it’s hanging there. Because there is only one egg, the procedure is done without anesthetic. I hope the egg cooperates, or the pain will be for nothing.

I whisper a couple of quick prayers.

And then it’s time. I ask Denny for his hand, and with the other hand he is filming the little screen on which we can see it all happening. She inserts the needle, and says: ‘that’s it’. That was it? Oooooh… that was easy!

But then she starts the ‘suction’, and that’s not as easy. But it’s over quickly, and I immediately think ‘that wasn’t so bad’. I am so relieved! If I have to do this 6 times, I’ll survive it for sure. Now I just hope the egg did come out…

We look at the screen tensely. We can look along with the laboratory and see whether there’s an egg in the fluid they just sucked out of my belly.

And yes – there it is! My egg!

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I’m already so proud! Proud of my egg! Can’t imagine how I would be as a mom 😉