His seed

Now it’s Denny’s turn. The lady from the lab – who is also very friendly, it seems like there are only friendly people working here – says that I can go with Denny, but he doesn’t want to even think about it. I go into the waiting room.

It takes, for Denny, quite a bit longer than normal, and when he comes back he looks tense. I suddenly realise that this is also nerve-wracking for him! The reason we’re here is because his sperm is not optimal, that’s what we’ve heard every time. Now it has to be good enough, and that’s what he was thinking about while he was in that room….

I ask him, “are you nervous?” and he answers in the affirmative. I comfort him, and say that I know it’ll be good enough/ It may not be good enough for natural pregnancy, or IUI or IVF, but we’ve been consistently told that it’s good enough for ICSI, and that won’t change today.

Denny looks at me unconvinced. “You don’t know that.” “Yes honey, I do. And worrying makes no sense – we’ll hear it soon enough.” Ha – now I can say that for once. 🙂 We have to wait until the lab has checked whether the sperm is useable. Now that Denny is sitting next to me, so tense, I’m also getting nervous, but I’m convinced the sperm will be good enough.

After 45 minutes we are called. We need to go into a little room, and I briefly think: Nooo!? But, it’s good enough! Even better – it’s twice as good as what was produced in August! Stopping smoking has clearly had a positive effect. I’m not just proud of my egg, but also proud of his seeds!

Now I just hope that my egg likes his seed….