The transfer

I answer the phone, “Hello, this is Marry Fermont.” At UMCG they understand how it is done. They don’t waste time, and immediately say why they’ve called…

“I have good news. Your embryo has divided well, and you have an appointment for the transfer at 13:15.” What?!?! Really? I repeat what she’s said, shocked, so that Denny also hears what’s being said, because I’m sure I’ll forget the time immediately. Then I hang up with shaking hands, and burst into tears.

Everything has gone the way it should, we have a real chance at a pregnancy! Ok, it’s a 20% chance, but it’s a chance! Of course, that’s if the transfer goes well, but not much can go wrong with that…

We’re at the UMCG at 13:15, and when it’s our turn we can watch our embryo (well, it’s really just cells right now) on a screen. This morning it was 4 cells, but when the woman from the laboratory arrives to say hello, she tells us it’s now 5 cells. Woohoo! Good job, little one. 🙂

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Some liquid is injected around the 5 cells, and then it’s all sucked up into a little tube, and that’s what the lab worker will bring to us in a little while. That tube will be put in me, and emptied, and then we hope that the embryo ‘sticks’. While they’re busy the doctor says, “Once a year it happens that the embryo stays in the tube.” I get a huge fright! They didn’t tell us that! Could it go wrong now after all?! I look at Denny in panic, but then the doctor says, “I’ve never experienced it, but if it happens, we just try again. It stays warm, so it’s no problem.” Ok. Whew!

By now they’ve transferred the embryo while we watch on the sonogram. So weird! But it’s in! Well, that’s what the lab worker is going to check in the room next door. Lucky she checks thoroughly, because there are those 5 cells again! This is that one ‘baby’ per year who sticks in the tube! Of course, that’s us – we have a little one with his/her own will already! Hahaha!

The second attempt goes as it should, so we leave the hospital theoretically pregnant. Woohoo! I’m feeling good about this!

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Because we came in 2 cars, we go home separately. I go via Tilburg where I have one more session of acupuncture, and then I head home.

I feel good, and I’m very positive! When we left Groningen we said, “We won’t see you again, and thank you.” (Whether or not we’re pregnant, we’re not sure we will go back there. We’ll see about that later).

But, so far, so good 🙂