One more day..

Out of the whole process so far, these have been the worst weeks of all. Everything you feel, and I mean everything, gets weighed up. The abdominal pain was gone after 3 days, but of course, if there’s nothing in my womb then that’s logical. Every now and then I feel twinges, which I can’t explain. A few times I’ve been ready to just do a test, but Denny wouldn’t let me and I also now know that Pregnyl (the hormone I had to inject 3 more times this week) can give a false positive test result, and I definitely don’t want that!

Every visit to the toilet I’m practically turning myself upside down to check that I haven’t got my period, but so far nothing. Last night I slept so badly. I was awake a lot, and very anxious. Tomorrow it’s finally time to test. Because I haven’t got my period yet, I have a small spark of hope, but it could also just be because of the Pregnyl. I have slightly tender breasts, but I always have that before I get my period, so that doesn’t help. Denny just says, “Wait for the test. There’s nothing else we can do.” He’s right, but he’s not feeling what I’m feeling.

In the evening I get everything ready for the next morning, the Big Day. I get a little pot to pee in, and get out a pregnancy test which I got for free with my ovulation tests, and then I suddenly notice a expiry date on the test: 12-05-2014. Oh noooo! Can these things expire? I don’t have another one, and now It’s too late to go and buy one somewhere. Will the result be accurate tomorrow?

Now I’m even more anxious. 🙁