Our birth announcement card

During my pregnancy I wrote a blog about choosing an announcement card, and why we chose Hippe-Geboortekaartjes. The key words were: simple, personal, with a photo, and postcard style. Cards are very personal, and this was what matched with us.



At Hippe-Geboortekaartjes you can also get your birth announcement card printed on canvas. It’s a wonderful moment for later. If you order your cards from them now, you’ll get the canvas for free! Fill in the code “FermontHG” in the order reference field, and the lovely people from Hippe-Geboortekaartjes will contact you (it’s a manual process).

We uhmmed and aaahed about whether to have regular (traditional) newborn visits, or whether to just give a party so that everyone could come at once, but in the end – after blogging about it and asking what people thought – we chose to have a party. A lot of people said that the main disadvantage of a party was that you basically just drop off the gift, and hardly see the baby, so we chose to offer different blocks of time in which people could come, and that would limit the amount of people at any one time, and give us time to talk to everyone. On the card was a link to my website, and people could sign up there. (https://fermontfotografie.nlliv – In Dutch..)

A lovely friend of mine, and her daughter, were there the whole day to make sure everyone had drinks and cake, and that went really well. It was a very successful, and warm day! Liv was a little overwhelmed by all the attention, but was also really spoiled!

2015-08-04_000199 kraamfeest

As far as we’re concerned: a successful card! Fast and friendly service and a lovely party!

What did your baby’s birth announcement card look like?