Maternity shoot at the beach and the woods

Everyone who knows me, or has been following me for a while, knows by now that I consider myself a very thrifty person. But it’s not always true, it’s just that there are a lot of things which I don’t want to spend money on, or which I would rather buy second hand, because I consider it too expensive new.

There are some exceptions to this, and a very important exception is photographs. Photos are priceless. I wrote a blog a while ago about DIY maternity photography, and in it I wrote about my mother. My mother is no longer alive. In August it’ll be 4 years since she passed away, and what remains are the photos, the stories and the reports she wrote. Oh! I am so grateful for them! My father took photos of her when she was pregnant with me, and even though they’re just ‘snapshots’, it’s so wonderful to have them, and no money could replace that.

One thing was certain when I got pregnant: my pregnancy would be documented, and I immediately knew what I wanted. A photo session at Westhove Castle, where I often go with clients, and I wanted photos at sunset, with Denny. I also already knew that I wanted Annika from Photograffity to take the photos. Apart from the fact that I know her personally, I think her photos are incredible, and once we’d talked about it, she was flexible with regards the sunset, because that turned out to be a bit tricky…

The plan was to take photos around 32 – 35 weeks, but the weather was awful! And if it was sunny, it wasn’t warm at all. The couple of days we had, which were really warm, either ended in a thunderstorm (bye bye sunset…) or Denny and I weren’t in Zeeland that day! On the flipside – that gave me plenty of time to gather my outfits together, create a mood board on Pinterest, and mentally prepare Denny. 🙂 What is it with men and photo sessions? They never want to do it, and afterwards they always say it wasn’t that bad, haha!

When we finally got a nice day, with no storms expected, we grabbed our chance. It might look nice and warm on the photos (I always tell my clients “As long as you pretend it’s warm, you’ll never see from a photo that it wasn’t actually warm.”), but it was SO cold I couldn’t talk because my teeth were chattering from the cold. I can honestly say it was not easy! And I won’t even mention Denny, who quickly disappeared into Annika’s beach house with my spare dress over his shoulders. 😉 I kept going because the light was amazing, and I am SO happy with the results!

Once again, thank you so much Annika. This is a memory I’ll treasure for life, and because of the fact that I sometimes still have trouble believing this is really happening, the photos are even more precious to me.

Now we look forward to the birth shoot!

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