Fantasy vs Reality, Part II

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In the first weeks of this pregnancy I wrote a similar blog like this. The beginning of my pregnancy was absolutely terrible, so not only did I write a blog about the fantasy vs the reality, I also wrote in detail about the dreadful nausea. I absolutely did not see that coming.

Now, heavily pregnant, I thought about it again. What I thought it would be like, and what it’s really like. And of course, once again, it’s NOTHING like I imagined, but this time in the opposite way.

Early in the pregnancy I had some problems with my pelvis. Around 18 – 20 weeks I had so much pain I was sure that it was pelvic instability. So many women struggle with it, and I would too. The rest of the pregnancy it would only get worse, and I’d probably have to spend much of my time in bed. Nothing could have been further from the truth… and the osteopath saved me (just like when we wanted to get pregnant)! I’ve been to him every month during my pregnancy, and he had a solution for my pelvis too.

It turns out that all women have unstable pelvises, and this can get worse during pregnancy. Often it’s just called pelvic instability, and it just goes from bad to worse, but apparently there are so many more reasons. In my case it was simple: my pelvic floor muscles were too strong. Too strong? I didn’t even know that was possible, but when I followed his advice, consciously relaxing them, and no longer training them at yoga, I felt much better.

Now, heavily pregnant, I have NO PROBLEM with my pelvis at all. I can sleep without any complicated pillow constructions, i can walk just fine (I don’t waddle), I can cycle, and I have no pain. 😀 It’s wonderful!

My belly keeps getting bigger. Is it in the way? A little, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I thought that towards the end I would feel and move like a beached whale, but I am still so supple and flexible: I can put on my own shoes, hardly have to ask Denny for help with anything, and yoga is still going great. Although I no longer stand on my head, and do the most gentle form of yoga they offer now. With my dad, which says it all, really… 😉

The movements in my belly remain wonderful to me! Our little girl is getting stronger, and sometimes I wouldn’t mind if she kept still for just a little while, but it seldom happens, haha! It’s so special being together all the time, I know I’m going to miss it a lot. So far she’s a lot like me: keeping still? What’s that?!

The other little irritations
I’m on cloud nine, and I am enjoying this time so much. I apologise to everyone who was absolutely sick of being pregnant by this stage, and therefore does not understand this blog. 🙂 Of course there are some little things, enough of them, but they don’t spoil it for me. And the osteopath has helped me so much every month. There was a solution for every little problem, and they all helped. What remains isn’t worth worrying about…. heartburn (eased up a lot after treatment from the osteopath), haemorrhoids (who invented those?!), Braxton Hicks (uncomfortable), calf muscle cramps (always great in the middle of the night), and sleeping badly (although I’ve had that since the start of tthe pregnancy).

So I say: the fantasy wasn’t correct, the reality is much better, and I wish I could stop time, and enjoy having this little girl in my belly for so much longer. I’m going to focus on enjoying her in the coming time even more than I already was. 🙂

How were your last weeks? Heaven, or hell on Earth? Or somewhere in the middle? 😉