Seriously trying

We leave the hospital with mixed feelings. We’ve decided that we’ll first try to fall pregnant naturally and if it doesn’t happen we’ll contact the hospital again in September. We’ve been given all the information about IUI, so that we can start immediately at that time, if we want to and we won’t lose time at that point. For that reason I’ll also have a full medical check-up to see whether I do ovulate and how my uterus looks. If that’s all good, then we can start whenever we want to.

We discuss the meeting with the doctor in the car on the way home. Denny was very nervous and is very relieved that his sperm is at least somewhat ok. 🙂 I don’t have a clear understanding of what our chances really are now and neither does Denny, but if we qualify for IUI then I definitely want to first try naturally. Denny’s sperm is not ideal, but it’s not bad, said the doctor. You get 6 IUI attempts before they refer you to IVF and if his sperm is good enough for IUI, then why not first try ourselves?

By the time we’re in Middelburg again, we are full of optimism. We’re going to start seriously trying in the coming months. Anything less would be pointless…

My cycles are not very long – between 25 and 27 days, so we have about 3 chances before we start with IUI.

We’ll have to do our best. 😛