Before Liv came into our lives, we travelled a lot, together when we met but also apart from each other before we met. That didn’t change after we had Liv. Below are the trip me made with Liv, her age between brackets:

  • Sardinia for 2 weeks ( 3 months)
  • Cape Verde for 2 weeks (6 months)
  • Australia for 6 weeks (1 year)
  • Thailand for 3 weeks (1,5 years)
  • Rome for a few days (1,5 years).
  • Trip around the world to America, Canada, New-Zealand, Singapore and Malasia (2,5 till 3,5 years)

You’ll find our travel stories on this page and hopefully we will continu to fill this page the coming years. We have lots of plans! 🙂

108. On holiday with your baby

On holiday with your baby I started writing this whole story about going on holiday with your baby, but while I was writing it, I thought, “What a lot of drivel.” 🙂 The moral of this blog is: if you want to go on holiday, then go. That’s what we did, and it went brilliantly! …

107. Holiday in Sardinian

We went away with Liv for two weeks, to the beautiful island of Sardinian. From the first week with made a little movie as a preview. I tried to upload it on YouTube and here, but for some reason that didn’t work out. It only worked out on my private Facebook account. So this week …