Why we are going on a worldtrip

The last 2 years we have enjoyed so much time together. Not that this was all roses (on the contrary :p), but it took a while to get used to be together this much time. When I went on maternity leave, Denny quit his payroll job and we loved the time we had together before Liv was born. And when the moment she was here, we enjoyed her and from each other.

In this period we went on holiday more than once… A little bizar actually.

A two week round trip in Sardina when Liv was 3 months old.

10 days Capes Verdes when Liv was 6 months old.

6 weeks Australia when Liv was 1 year old.

3 weeks Thailand when she was a year and half. We blogged about this trip. 

A few days in Italy, in between Thailand and Montenegro. We also made a nice movie about this trip:


10 days of Montenegro when she was almost 2.

You see… we have been busy 🙂 In between holiday’s we’ve worked, among other things in my company… and enjoyed life to the fullest. The plan was that Denny would go back to a nice payroll job last summer, but when the time came…

..Denny said all of a sudden: “Shall we just sell our house and go and see the world?!” and I wouldn’t let him say that twice 😀 You only live once, right?! I’ve been in touch with Jody for the last months, a birth photographer colleague who was in Australia with her family for a year. And my wanderlust came back! Besides that Liv has the perfect age, because she doesn’t have to go to school yet. If we come back she will be 3,5 years old.

It started as a little seed in August and slowly a plant started to grow, till we finally decided at the end of November and to tell the world: WE ARE GOING! A YEAR! YEAH!!

**This movie has English Subtitels. If you can’t see them ,you have to turn them on in YouTube. Choose Dutch and you’ll get English (sorry first time I used subtitels 😉 ) **

It took a few months before we had our plan ready and we came across some practical difficulties.

In the next blog we’d like to share our itinerary and the blog after that, we’d like to tell you how we arrange all the practical stuff. In the meantime you can follow our preparations on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our  YouTube channel.

From January Denny will start actively with his Instagram, because except making a world trip he will prepare himself for his first marathon and will run one during our trip!