The step to medical treatment

We eat a lot of sushi in September, October and November. I’m sick of sushi. No, that’s not true – you can always feed me sushi! 😉 But, still no baby. We haven’t had any missed chances (or eggs) since that fight, and it’s almost a routine now. It’s just not working.

I often hear that when you ‘let it go’ you get pregnant, but how do you let it go? Truly letting it go can only happen when you’ve decided to completely stop trying to have a baby, can’t it? As long as you’re still trying, there’s no way to NOT think about it, is there? I think I’m still quite relaxed about things. I don’t get hysterical if someone is pregnant (and I’m not), I’m not crying over the toilet every month, and if I didn’t feel my ovulation I’d probably forget it. I always thought feeling ovulation would be an advantage when trying to get pregnant, but now that we’re trying and not succeeding, it’s becoming quite irritating. But on the other hand, I can’t complain – it means that we don’t have to have sex day in and day out, month after month. We can time things perfectly.

In December, after getting my period again (I felt it coming 2 days before), I talk to Denny. We’re both a bit sick of this, so we decide that this month we’ll start the IUI procedure. These months are quiet in terms of births, so I don’t have to worry about that, because that’s one thing that could become a problem…

I read the information about IUI which we were given months ago, for the 80th time, so I know for SURE I’m not missing anything. I know that form by heart now. I’m actually looking forward to this. Bring it on!!