For the first time since our ‘I-want-a-baby-with-you’ conversation, I’m sad that my period has come. I know we haven’t been trying for long, but still… the IUI is hanging over my head. It’s September now, and I think that’s the main reason I’m feeling this way.

Denny isn’t feeling great at the moment. He’s not happy at work, and is very stressed. I can’t bring myself to start talking about the IUI. I don’t even know if I’m ready for it. We’ve really only just gotten going. The trying is going well, even though we’re not getting the result we want. I decide to talk to him about it that evening.

It’s not a long conversation. We’re both disappointed that I keep getting my period each month (although I do think it affects me more than it affects him), and we’re not really ready to go down the medical route.

So we decide to keep trying, until we’ve really had enough of it. And to break the negativity quickly, and in a fun way, Denny suggests we have sushi for dinner. My favourite! What a great plan! Instead of being disappointed that I get my period, we’ll celebrate that I can eat sushi for another month! 🙂 🙂