After that we try the 10-day rule. Do you know this? From the last day of your period you have sex every second day, for 10 days. I know enough women for whom it worked. But I also know that on day 10 Denny and I looked at each other, and thought: do we really have to do this agaaaain?!?

During the summer my brother, Floran, told me that he wanted me to take a photo, which he would then use this winter, to tell his girlfriend that he would like to have a baby with her. Such a lovely surprise idea! I find it hard to keep it a secret that we’re trying, but don’t really want to say anything either. In the end I say that I hope I ‘win’ before he can surprise Sarina. He understands immediately what I mean.

A couple of days before I get my period – and I am going to get it: all the signs are pointing that way – I have 4 missed calls from Floran. Four! I get a big fright, and immediately think that something has happened to our father. I had a photo session on the beach, and didn’t hear my phone. I phone him back immediately, and I hear him say, “I won.” I immediately know what he means, but HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?! Sarina is still on the Pill! It turns out she got pregnant through the Pill. He is ecstatic. I am so incredibly happy for him, and for me, because I’m going to be an aunt! Yipppeeee!!! It is frustrating for me that they got pregnant so quickly, while on the Pill, but the fact that I’m going to be an aunt makes me so very happy!

A couple of days later my period arrives, on schedule.

But, I’m going to be an aunt!!