The File

The file has arrived, one week before we have the appointment! Yippee! I open it and read everything, including the results of the semen analysis. I can’t believe what I see there: “motility: 2%”. (in Dutch: “beweegelijkheid 2%”)

het dossier sitefoto


That’s nothing!!

You normally have a 20% chance of getting pregnant every month, but how small is your chance if only 2% of the sperm are even mobile, because the antibodies prevent the rest from moving at all?! I’m dumbfounded!

I immediately phone Denny, and I’m angry. Not with him, but with the situation. Because I’m so angry when I call him, we start fighting, and it makes me cry again. 🙁 How can they say we have a chance of falling pregnant naturally with these numbers? Denny doesn’t understand it either. We recap the conversation we had with the doctor. He really did say that we had a chance, a smaller one than normal, but still a chance. Now I’m thinking: ‘smaller’?!?!?! We have zero chance, you mean!’

I’m so sad, and so angry! So, so angry… and so is Denny. But we decide to wait and see what they say in Bergen op Zoom. We’re not doctors. Maybe we’re misunderstanding it?