The meeting with the doctor in Bergen op Zoom

I am so incredibly nervous when we go there. I just hope that we can start right away with IUI, this month. When we go into the meeting I start babbling immediately, telling the whole story so far. Luckily it’s a very kind doctor who lets us (although Denny hardly gets to say a word) tell the entire story. When I’m done she first tells us that IUI here is always done with ultrasounds, and when the egg follicle is big enough I would have to inject hormones to trigger ovulation, and then after a certain number of hours the insemination would take place. No messing about with ovulation tests. It is possible!

She also has no problem with doing a scan immediately, but she says… “having looked at your file, I don’t think the sperm is good enough for IUI.” We didn’t see that coming. Then she continues: “I don’t even think it will be good enough for IVF, and I think you would get a referral for ICSI immediately.”


We’re speechless.