The insemination

Denny left early this morning, because his sperm had to be in the pot by 8:00. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to such ‘strange’ conversations. I’m so nervous!

He phones at 8:15. He did it, but it was a strange experience. I ask what the ‘wank room’ looked like here, but there wasn’t one! In Bergen op Zoom they don’t have one… “Um… so, where did you have to do it?”

In the toilet!!

And while he was ‘busy’ in the toilet, the morning shift came in. “Good morning, how was your weekend?” “I had a super weekend – went out for dinner. And you?” etc… There you are then, in the toilet, with a little pot and some chatty women, and only a door between you. Nice.

But… he did it, again. (I wouldn’t have managed!)

I have to be at the hospital at 12:00, and they’re going to try to phone me before 11:00. I need to leave just before 11:00, so if the sperm isn’t good, I will have to turn around. The time ticks slowly by.


Still no call. I get my stuff together, and I am so incredibly nervous. This is horrible!

10:45. Still no call. I’m slowly starting to have some hope, and the nerves are ebbing. Will it happen today after all? I get into the car.

I drive past Arnemuiden, past Goes, past Kruiningen….

It’s 11:25, and I still haven’t been called. This is going to be ok! My confidence is increasing the closer I get to Bergen op Zoom.

And then, just before the exit to Antwerp my phone rings.