The first injection

We’ve been back once for another ultrasound, and my follicle was growing right on schedule. Well done. I’m proud of my follicle. 🙂 We’ve been given the hormone injection which I have to inject at 22:00 on Saturday, and 40 hours later ovulation should take place, and just before that the insemination gets done. At school (which I was studying midwifery) I learned to give injections, but to other people. I don’t know if I can inject myself.

I ask Denny to do it, and like this at least we’re doing it together. We get everything ready, and I give the syringe to Denny. At that moment I see how much his hands are shaking, and suddenly I change my mind. 🙂 Maybe it’s better if I do it myself, because I do have more experience. It goes in easily – piece of cake… Denny is relieved, and I am secretly also relieved.

Now we have to go to Bergen op Zoom the day after tomorrow, in the morning. Denny goes first to deliver his sperm. He has to produce it there, since it has to be in medium (we know that now, and will never forget it!). Afterwards he’ll go straight to work, in Den Bosch, and I need to be there a couple of hours later for the insemination. If the sperm isn’t good enough I will be phoned. Because it’s far from Middelburg to Bergen op Zoom, there’s a chance that I’ll already be in the car, and have to turn around…

Pfff…. nerve-wracking, again!

Well, at least the injection is done. Now we wait until Monday morning.