I’m so glad we just booked our holidays without thinking ”maybe I’ll be pregnant then’, or we probably wouldn’t be here. We’ve agreed to just let it go during the holiday, and to talk about it as little as possible (or rather: not at all).

We’re away for 10 days, and we’ve hired a car so we can drive ourselves around. We sleep in a different place every night, and we decide each day where we will sleep that night. We start at the beach, at a wonderful guest house with a beautiful view of the beach. A 2 minute walk, and we’re on the beach, and on the first day, that’s exactly what we do – a relaxation day at the beach!

When we get back to the guest house we land up in bed together, spontaneously! I had forgotten what that was like, and so had Denny! We realise that afterwards. How awful… But it’s also good that we can still do it, and that we can just enjoy each other now. And that’s what we do, the WHOLE holiday long!

We see everything, do everything, relax, take beautiful photos, enjoy each other, enjoy the food, and enjoy the fact that we don’t have to think about babies for a while.

It looks like we’re really letting it go… and of course it’s nice and easy travelling around without a baby. 😉

But when we get home I do briefly think, “Now that we’ve let go, maybe I am pregnant…?” (but I think that doesn’t count as ‘letting go’?)