After Mexico I get my period. So much for letting go.

Halfway through March I have a really bad day. I have no idea why. I cry about everything. An email which I don’t like, loads of work waiting for me, Denny who (in my opinion) bought the wrong groceries. Nothing is right. In the evening I go to yoga, and when I arrive someone I know says to me, “Are you doing well?” and I immediately start to cry again. Jeepers – what is wrong with me?! The first 10 minutes of the yoga lesson I spend in tears, and the last 10 minutes too. Man oh man, please can this stop?

When I get home I cuddle up to Denny on the couch. I don’t even recognise myself. And then suddenly I think: could it be because of the hormones I had to inject for the IUI? It wouldn’t surprise me… I’m totally not myself, and I’ve never been like this before (unless something very bad has happened). The more I think about it, the more I think it is because of the hormones. I react so badly to hormones. 🙁

This really makes me worry about what’s still coming…

NB: At this point I want to mention that the ‘Moeders voor Moeders’ (Mothers for Mothers) hormone, Pregnyl, was out of stock. This is something I just do’t understand. So many pregnant women who can help with this, and yet it was out of stock. For that reason I want to highlight the work  Moeders voor Moeders do. They collect the urine of pregnant women. From this urine, they extract the hormone hCG. This hormone is used by pharmaceutical companies to make the medications needed during fertility treatments.

 You can sign up for Moeders voor Moeders up until the 11th week of pregnancy, so you need to be on time. You make a lot of women really happy by participating, and you can contribute towards someone’s much-wanted pregnancy.


So please, sign up for Moeders voor Moeders as soon as you see a positive pregnancy test. On behalf of myself, and many other women who want to be mothers, thank you so much!