The definitive result

Two days before we go on holiday, the doctor calls me again. I’m doing a newborn shoot at someone’s home, and I’ve told them I’m expecting a call. When the phone call comes, I walk into the passage.

Strange. Here I am. The newborn baby is warm and safe on the beanbag with her mom, and I’m now going to hear whether I will also have a chance of having a newborn sometime soon… but the answer is no… After processing there was not one single good sperm cell left. What does that mean? We’ll find out after the holiday, when we have another appointment at Bergen op Zoom…

I can guess what they’re going to say.

I finish the shoot and phone Denny. He’s thinking what I’m thinking: we can forget IUI. What the doctor in the city was thinking is a mystery to us. Because we don’t want to wait another month (for the next appointment), we decide to take action ourselves. Once home I phone the hospital in Gent. I find out that there is a 3,5 month waiting period, so I make an appointment immediately. If we don’t need it, we can always cancel it.

I just can’t even imagine having to go there. I don’t want the hormones, I don’t want to start an IVF or ICSI protocol, I don’t want it. But I really do want a baby….

For now we don’t have to think about it. Our holiday to Mexico is about to start, and we’re expected in Gent in June 2014… who knows, maybe there will be a miracle between now and then…

Anything is possible, right?