IVF/ICSI on own cycle

Luckily we make it up quickly. The whole way home we don’t talk to each other, but in the silence I understand Denny’s point of view, and he understands mine. We don’t need to talk it out when we get home. It’s ok. And ultimately it’s wonderful that this is possible, and the there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

By now more people know about our ‘situation’, and suddenly someone (a photographer friend) says, “I know someone who did IVF without hormones, or with very little hormones.” What? Is that possible? Does that exist?

I immediately start Googling, and discover that it does exist – IVF/ ICSI on your own cycle, with a minimum of hormones, and just one egg: your own egg. It appeals to me right away – this is what I want! I Google and Google and Google, and the only hospital I can find that offers this in the entire Benelux area is in Groningen. Other hospitals did it as a pilot program, but then stopped the program. Groningen, of all places! That’s a 3,5 hour drive, and just not an option for us.

So I decide I want to do this – ICSI on my own cycle – in Gent. I don’t care what it takes, I don’t want the hormones. Insurance will pay for 3 ICSI attempts. If you use hormones and produce, for example 5 eggs, then those eggs (if they are all succesfully fertilized) are placed into the uterus one by one. That means one is ‘fresh’ and the rest are frozen. That’s called a cryo. After a failed attempt with a fresh egg, a cryo will be use. Once you’re older than 36 you can have 2 placed into the uterus at one time. When all the eggs are used up, then that’s one ICSI attempt over. It occurs to me that if I want to dot his on my own cycle, then just one egg means an entire attempt is ‘used up’.

I talk to Denny about it. He supports me. We decide that we will suggest this in Gent, and do 2 attempts with one egg. If that doesn’t work we have one attempt left to try with hormones. I know this drastically reduces my chances, but it feels so much better. I know there is nothing wrong with me, and nothing wrong with Denny either. His sperm is genetically just fine. Max and Bo are the proof of that. I see no reason that we couldn’t get pregnant if I just get given a CHANCE. I truly believe it!

Now I’ve thought of this I am much calmer about going to Gent next time. I’m going to be the exception to the rule. No hormones.