I don’t want to 🙁

I have my period again. That means we can start in Gent. You’d think I’d be happy about that, but I am anything but happy.

I’m sad, and not just a little either. I’m cooking dinner and the tears are rolling down my cheeks. When Denny gets home I’ve just managed to stop crying, but of course he sees immediately that something is wrong. He walks to me and says, “What’s wrong, my girl?” and I burst into tears. He holds me close and my tears soak his white shirt, and my mascara stains it. I’m so upset that I can’t talk. Denny stands rooted to the spot, with no idea what is going on. He asks a couple of times, “what’s wrong?” but I don’t have enough breath to answer him.

When I’m finally calmer, I say, “I have my period, and I don’t want to go to Gent. I don’t want the hormones.”

For Denny things are crystal clear. “Ok, so we don’t do that. We look at other options. Like Groningen.”

I am so grateful to him at that moment.
So grateful.
I love this man so much.