The meeting with the doctor 

I try to quiz Denny about what “the wank room” (haha!) looks like, but since we’re not sitting here alone, he won’t say a word. He just keeps giving me those ‘shut up!’ looks. 🙂 He hates it when I do things like this in front of other people – they don’t need to know about it.

I’m getting very nervous now, as if our entire future is dependent on this meeting. Luckily we don’t have to wait long before it’s our turn.

The doctor is an older man. Denny knows him from when he had the vasectomy reversal done and I’m seeing him for the first time. He asks why we’re here and we explain the entire story. We really want a child and would like to know what the chances are that we can fall pregnant naturally, because that’s our preference. He immediately starts a kind of inquisition with Denny: “When did you have the vasectomy? When did you have the reversal? How many children do you have? Do you have good contact with your children?” and so it continues. I can see that Denny is becoming more and more nervous and uncomfortable. He has sweaty patches near his armpits and he never has that! I feel sorry for him and try to help with answers where I can. When the ‘inquisiton’ is over the doctor says: “Well, you do qualify for IUI.” Now my armpits are suddenly sweaty: IUI??!!

I stammer: “Is there no chance of a natural pregnancy for us?”