Go for adventure? Play it safe? — BEWARE: long story 😉

Choosing between these two questions is hard! Denny has always been a person of playing it safe (before I met him). Since we have been together this has shifted. First, because I am the opposite. I have mostly done what I wanted and liked, without thinking things true (not always the best way to go by the way) so he got a little bit from me when we got together, but second because he grew older and just changed the way he looked at the world.

When I finally became pregnant we knew one thing for sure: we would love to enjoy this time in our lives as much as we can, so he quit his job. The plan was for half a year, but this turned into two years with some projects and traveling here and there. After these two years he really wanted to get back to work again. He had missed the routine, the social part and to achieve something more than building a Lego tower (although he loves that too and I can say he is very good at it 😉 ). Denny had (has) mostly worked as an account manager in the energy business and it seemed logical to go back to the same kind of job. He tried applying for some jobs outside of the energy industry, but that was hard. In the end he found a really good job in the energy IT sector and the interviews were going well (summer 2017). We were ready to say goodbye to a wonderful first 2 years with Liv. Well, I wasn’t really ready. I always talked about traveling for a longer time, but for Denny this was never a serious option.

Anyway, he came second for the job, so he didn’t get it. He was SO bummed that he came home and said: “lets go on a YEAR trip!”. I have to be honest that, now I was the one getting scared and he had to convince me to do it. The rest is history… We started planning and 5 months later we left for a trip around the world for one year, wow!!! Because we weren’t allowed to work we spend all the money we had saved in the last 20 years. My mom died early, Denny his dad died young, so we thought: you only live once, better enjoy it now! By the time we get back we will work again. You can always work, right? A lot of friends weren’t really sure this was the right choice: what if you can’t find a job when you come back? What if you run out of money? What if something happens? What if Denny is “too old” (lol, yes 1 year older) when he gets back? What if, what if… But what if we have the time of our lives and everything works out for the best?

When we decided to go, there was a job offering of running a “peppernut store” (the first and smallest cookie of the Netherlands) for 3 months in Middelburg. It was perfect for the winter months (and not spending our savings for our trip) and we said to each other: “you never know what it will lead too”. Denny loved it!

Fast forward a little bit.

We came back in February 2019 and just before we came back, Denny started applying for jobs more seriously. He applied for a job in the energy sector and he had a meeting with the boss of the peppernuts.

The first interview in the energy sector is a really positive one. A huge company, but starting in a (new) region by opening a small office, more freedom and a lot to explore (compared to previous jobs at similar large companies) and his region is the South West of the Netherlands (so not going back and forward through the whole country). Just perfect!

The meeting with the boss of the peppernuts isn’t an interview, it is more a “how-are-you-doing” kind of meeting and Denny also suggests some ideas for the factory of things he saw along our world trip. With his ideas he just wants to thank the company for his short and fun period at the peppernut store before the world trip. This did end in a job opportunity for Denny which is franchising stores in Belgium. This sounds like a great adventure, but there is no way we can wait for an income till September (this will be the month when stores open for this concept) plus we have no money to open stores in the first place.

Fast forward further…

End of April Denny has his last interview at the energy company and they are happy to hire him! We are both excited because of many reasons. For one, because it feels like an open and transparent company and the working conditions are phenomenal. Not only a salary most people can only dream of, but also 38 (!) free days per year (besides the official holidays). Before it was either a lot of holidays or a lot of money. Never both. And then there is also a car and a NS business card and education money and and and… Perfect right? More than perfect, so Denny confirms the job on Thursday. We fantasize about all the things we will do with this money and where we will go on a long trip before Liv turns five (and cannot leave school). Options are Costa Rica, Madagascar and Japan 😉

The day after, on Friday, Denny calls the other three leads just to inform them, that there is no need for more interviews, because he made a decision for a job. He also calls the boss of the peppernuts to inform him and he says: “I want to make you an offer”.

On Friday night he has offered Denny a job till September plus he is willing to look at our options to franchise a store (or stores) in Belgium coming winter. Say what?!

One of Denny’s goals during our trip was to find out what he really loves to do with the rest of his working career. The truth is that he didn’t’ find out, there are so many things he likes, but he hoped to have a career change for a new challenge and now here it is!

The joboffer at the peppernuts is € 1000 per month less, no car, no holidays (because of the short period), no idea if it can continue in the future, lots of questions about how, where, when… and only ONE weekend to make a decision, because next Monday he has to start working at the energy company and next Friday his car will arrive… Denny wants to be correct and respectful, so it is either Company A or Company B and he won’t start a probationary period at one company and then choose for the other company in the end.

So here we are… One job offer with all the benefits he might never get in his life again and on the other hand a great adventure with a franchise opportunity/challenge that could turn into something really good (or could turn into a lot of debt). Play it safe? Or go for adventure?

Well we went back and forward, Denny felt sick while cancelling one of these jobs, but he did… So,

I am pleased to introduce to you: “King Peppernut”.

We are ready for a new adventure and can’t wait to tell you more soon!

P.s. In the next blog I’ll tell you my plans too!